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Active Lab Members



Jamie Vaudrey, Ph.D. – Assistant Research Professor

Ph.D. 2007, Oceanography, University of Connecticut
B.A. 1993, Biology with a Philosophy minor, Wellesley College

Vaudrey received a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Philosophy from Wellesley College, MA. She worked at The Newfound Harbor Marine Institute and Seacamp in Big Pine Key, FL for three years; finishing her tenure there as the Intern Coordinator.  Jamie then moved to Oregon and worked as the Oregon Area Manager for Science Adventures, a science education company. Jamie completed her Ph.D. in Oceanography at the University of Connecticut in 2007. She worked as a Postdoctoral Associate on two separate projects through UConn, one on seagrass in Long Island Sound and one developing an ecosystem model of hypoxia in Narragansett Bay. In 2010, Jamie started her current position as Assistant Research Professor with the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut.

Vaudrey is currently the Past-President of the New England Estuarine Research Society. She is a member of the Long Island Sound Study’s (LISS) Science and Technical Advisory Committee, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program’s (NBEP) Science Advisory Committee, CT DEEP’s Niantic Nitrogen Workgroup, and the LISS Water Quality Workgroup. Jamie is also involved with local community-based monitoring groups as an advisor (CUSH, SE*CRES) and recently completed a project assessing the status of community-based monitoring throughout Long Island Sound.


CAL - pumpkin dive

Corey A. Leamy – Marine Research Specialist

B.S. 2014, Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut

Corey joined the Vaudrey lab in 2012 as an undergraduate marine research assistant. She worked as a field and lab assistant until she graduated in the fall of 2014. Corey rejoined the lab in January of 2015 as a Marine Research Specialist. Corey has been involved with dawn sampling of embayments, analyzing many sediment samples, and pouring through hours of video, among many other tasks. As an undergraduate, Corey presented the results of deployed oxygen sensors at the New England Estuarine Research Society’s fall 2014 conference: Extent and severity of late summertime hypoxia in Connecticut and New York embayments of Long Island Sound.


LNB Vaudrey lab

Amanda Dostie – Undergraduate Research Assistant


Amanda joined the Vaudrey lab in 2013 and is currently completing her B.S. degree in Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut. Amanda was awarded a UCONN IDEA Grant and has completed an Independent Study project investigating the magnitude and causes of a massive macroalgae bloom in Little Narragansett Bay, CT. Amanda has been involved with dawn sampling of embayments, macrophyte analysis, and a hig hvolume of data entry and checking. As an undergraduate, Amanda presented the results of deployed oxygen sensors at the New England Estuarine Research Society’s fall 2014 conference: Characterization of the extent and source of nutrients supporting a massive macroalgae bloom in Little Narragansett Bay, CT.


Jennifer Wozniak – Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jennifer joined the Vaudrey lab in 2016 and is currently completing her B.S. degree in Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut. She is assisting with the analysis of macrophyte and water samples from Martha’s Vineyard, MA and Niantic River Estuary, CT.



Graduate Students – Major Advisor


12003216_1163434090338912_9103181027792474612_n Rachel Perry, University of Connecticut, M.S. in Oceanography, 2015

Thesis: “Nutrient Dynamics of Floating Seagrass Wracks in Greater Florida Bay.”

Rachel conducted a study to determine the contribution of uprooted, floating seagrass mats to the nutrient subsidies of Florida Bay. Her work also estimated nutrient shedding from seagrass mats from a) a series of dark, aerated incubations of mats and from b) time-dependent weight analysis of decomposing mats.


Graduate Students – Graduate Committee Member


Michelle Fogarty, University of Connecticut, Ph.D. in Oceanography

in progress
major advisor: Melanie Fewings

Diana Lancaster, University of Connecticut, M.S. in Oceanography, 2014

thesis – “Recruitment Patterns of the Fouling Community on Eelgrass in Long Island Sound.”
major advisor: Robert Whitlatch

Justin Eddings, University of Southern California, M.S. in Geographic Information Science And Technology, 2012

thesis – “Geographic Information Systems Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Habitat Restoration Suitability Model.”
major advisor: Karen K. Kemp


Postdoctoral Associates


Kimberly Gallagher, Ph.D. in Oceanography, University of Connecticut

project: Development of a QAPP Template, “Evaluation of Current Citizen Monitoring Efforts and Recommendations for Developing a Cohesive Network of Support for Monitoring Long Island Sound Embayments.” 2011-2013, LISS & NEIWPCC


Undergraduate Research Advisor


Jennifer Dootz, 2012; UCONN Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship grant (SURF)
Amanda Dostie, 2014; UCONN IDEA grant (imagine / develop / engage / apply)
Amanda Dostie, 2016; Independent Research (6 credits)


Research Technicians (with a degree)


Adam Chlus, B.S.; 2012
Melissa Cote, B.S.; 2013
Jennifer Dootz, B.S.; 2013
Michael Guyot, B.S.; 2011-2012
Kimberly Gallagher, Ph.D.; 2011-2012
Corey Leamy, B.S.; 2014 – present
Veronica (Ortiz) Tanguay, M.S.; 2012 – 2016
Rachel Perry, B.S.; 2013
Rachel Perry, M.S.; 2016


Undergraduate Research Technicians


2010: Steven Auscavitz, Chelsea Roy
2011: Joshua Carter, Adam Chlus, Jennifer Dootz, Christopher Kunz, Marissa Mackewicz, Michelle Slater
2012: Adam Chlus, Jennifer Dootz, Leigha Krize, Marissa Mackewicz
2013: Amanda Dostie, Rafeed Hussain, Leigha Krize, Corey Leamy
2014: Joel Corso, Amanda Dostie, Corey Leamy, Kelsey Olguin
2015: none
2016: Jennifer Wozniak