Jamie Vaudrey’s research interests are in the area of ecosystem dynamics in the coastal zone, specifically in the effect of land-use on the coastal environment and how anthropogenic changes to the landscape may change our coastal ecosystems. She is specifically interested in the relationship between human activities and expression of eutrophication in large systems (Narragansett Bay, Long Island Sound) and small embayments of these larger systems. Jamie has worked on modeling the relationship between nitrogen input and hypoxia in Narragansett Bay and on developing a model relating nitrogen load to trophic status in Long Island Sound embayments.  She also has an interest in seagrass systems as indicators of a desirable state of water quality and inputs to coastal systems. She has been involved with a variety of seagrass projects throughout New England, including assessing genetic diversity of eelgrass, evaluating restoration projects, and developing a model to assist with the siting of restoration projects.

Active Projects

Niantic Bay, CT, Aug 14 2012Data Synthesis and Modeling of Nitrogen Effects on Niantic River Estuary.

Jamie Vaudrey, Jason Krumholz, Chris Calabretta, Emily Manz

2016 – 2021; funded by Dominion

Working Reports, for Technical Advisory Committee


2016-long-island-sound-report-card_page_3Developing a Regional Home for the Long Island Sound Report Card

Tracy Brown, Peter Linderoth, Jamie Vaudrey, Jason Krumholz

2016 – present; awarded to Save the Sound / CFE; funded by various organizations: Long Island Sound Funder’s Collaborative, National Fish and Wildlife Federation, Long Island Sound Study

How to Throw a Rake – a video demonstrating the UWS method for macroalgae sampling


UConn Department of Marine Sciences Technical Support Services in Support of the Designation of a Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve

2018 – 2022; funded by NOAA OCM, CT DEEP, UConn

Jamie Vaudrey, Sylvain De Guise, J. Evan Ward, Ivar Babb, Craig Tobias

Project Website

The Long Island Sound Respire Program

2019 – 2022; funded by LISS & CT Sea Grant & NY Sea Grant

Penny Vlahos, Jamie Vaudrey, Michael Whitney, Lauren Barrett

Building a Community Data Platform for Long Island Sound

Tracy Brown, Peter Linderoth, Martin Hain, Sarah Crosby, Jamie Vaudrey, John Dawes

2020 – 2021; funded by the Long Island Sound Funder’s Collaborative adn the Long Island Community Foundation

Improving Eelgrass Restoration Success by Manipulating the Sediment  Iron Cycle

2021 – 2023; funded by LISS & CT Sea Grant & NY Sea Grant

Craig Tobias, Jamie Vaudrey, Shannon Jordan, Clare Schlink

Past Projects

Water Quality Data in Long Island Sound: Stakeholder Needs and Opportunities for Collaborative Data Management, Sharing, and Visualization.

Jamie Vaudrey, Sarah Crosby, Nikki Spiller

2019-2020; funded by the Long Island Sound Funder’s Collaborative adn the Long Island Community Foundation

final report





Invasive Macroalgae in Little Narragansett Bay: Nitrogen Sources and Cycling Inferred from Stable Isotopic Tracers

Vaudrey Lab PeopleJulie Granger, Jamie Vaudrey, Claudia Koerting, Veronica Rollinson

2017-2020; funded by LISS & CT Sea Grant & NY Sea Grant

Biogeosciences Discuss.,




Restored Living Shorelines: A comparison of ecosystem services relative to natural marshes.

Jamie Vaudrey, Jennifer Mattei, Jo-Marie Kasinak

2018 – 2019; funded by The Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA)

final report




Estimating freshwater residence time in an embayment experiencing a massive seaweed bloom – linking sources of nutrient pollution to responses for local communities.


Brandon Ahl, Jamie Vaudrey

Summer 2017; Noyce Scholar, NEAG School of Education, UConn

final report




Harvest of the invasive reed, Phragmites australis as a nitrogen mitigation strategy.


Richard Karney, Emma Green-Beach, Jamie Vaudrey

2015 – 2017; awarded to Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Commission; funded by EPA Healthy Communities Grant Program

final report




New York City Nitrogen Report: East River and Long Island Sound


Jamie Vaudrey, with Tracy Brown

2017; funded by Save the Sound / Connecticut Fund for the Environment

final report; press release; supporting technical report



Created Wetlands from Dredge Material.

Jennifer O’Donnell, Craig Tobias, Jamie Vaudrey, Rebecca French, Carolyn Lin, Paula Schenck

2016 – 2017; funded by CT / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; CIRCA project page (includes links to report)



Comparative analysis and model development for determining the susceptibility to eutrophication of Long Island Sound embayments.


Jamie Vaudrey, Charlie Yarish, Jang Kyun Kim, Chris Pickerell, Lorne Brousseau

2013-2015, LISS & CT Sea Grant & NY Sea Grant

Visit the Project Page


CHRP: Observations and Modeling of Narragansett Bay Hypoxia and its Response to Nutrient Management.

Dan Codiga, Candace Oviatt, Dave Ullman, Warren Prell, Jamie Vaudrey, Mark Brush

2011-2016, NOAA, Coastal Hypoxia Research Program; awarded to URI

Comparative analysis of eutrophic condition and habitat status in Connecticut and New York embayments of Long Island Sound.

Jamie Vaudrey & Charlie Yarish

2011-2013, LISS & CT Sea Grant & NY Sea Grant

Development and application of a Long Island Sound GIS-based eelgrass habitat suitability index model.

Chris Pickerell, Lorne Brousseau, Jamie Vaudrey, Charlie Yarish

2011-2013, Long Island Sound Study and NEIWPCC; awarded to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

Evaluation of Current Citizen Monitoring Efforts and Recommendations for Developing a Cohesive Network of Support for Monitoring Long Island Sound Embayments.

Jamie Alonzo, Adrienne Esposito, Curt Johnson, Maureeen Dolan Murphy, Jamie Vaudrey, Charlie Yarish

2011-2013, LISS & NEIWPCC; awarded to Norwalk Maritime Aquarium

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Long Island Sound Eelgrass Restoration (CT,NY) Project.

Chris Pickerell & Jamie Vaudrey

2011-2013, Long Island Sound Futures Fund, NFWF; awarded to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

The Eelgrass Resource of Southern New England and New York: Science in Support of Management and Restoration Success.

PIs: Fred Short, Anita Klein, David Burdick, Gregg Moore; regional collaborators: Stephen Granger, Chris Pickerell, Jamie Vaudrey, Holly Bayley, Tay Evans

2010-2012, The Nature Conservancy; awarded to University of New Hampshire

Modeling Tools to Understand and Manage Hypoxia: Application to Narragansett Bay.

PIs: Candace Oviatt, Deanna Bergondo, Mark Brush, Dan Codiga, Chris Deacutis, Chris Kincaid, Jim Kremer, Scott Nixon, Warren Prell, David Ullman; Affiliated: Jamie Vaudrey (and many others)

2005-2011, NOAA, Coastal Hypoxia Research Program; awarded to University of Rhode Island

Establishing Restoration Objectives for Eelgrass in Long Island Sound.

Jamie Vaudrey & Jim Kremer

2006-2008, CT Department of Environmental Protection, in cooperation with LISS

Environmental and Technical Assessment of Alternative Shellfish Production Methods.

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2005-2006, NOAA, National Marine Aquaculture Initiative

Eelgrass habitat and ecosystem metabolism in relation to nitrogen loading in shallow embayments and estuaries of Long Island Sound.

Jamie Vaudrey & Jim Kremer

2004-2005, CT DEP – 319 Project